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To sanctifyHaShem, the one and true G-d, and His Torah I made this organization on the internet to try to help the entire world whether it is possible or not.

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Hello and welcome to my home page. Please stay and learn some Torah for your sake and for the sake of the entire Jewish Nation.  

Toras Chaim's learning center
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Torah Learning

"On three things the world stands: On Torah, on Davening, and doing kindness to others" Pirkei Avos (1:2).

My Background

Toras Chaim

Torah forum

The Torah learning center is on its way of being constructed. The page to help people is there, except I need the people being involved in it as well. Please sign up so I know who will show up for the class. For more information go to and please sign up there.

If you have a Halahic problem please go to the "Shemah Yisroel" home page- ask the Rabbi.

If you or your friend has a problem in "Midos" or have a problem which you can not solve please e-mail me because I am here to help anyone and everyone in need.


I am starting soon a review of Elu Metzios. It is a very important Mesechta and I encourage anybody who likes to learn Halahos (this will really help you when you will face a problem of a lost article) to participate. Each Daf will be very short. To actually complete the entire Mesechta will take around 236 Dafs. I will go about 1 lesson a day. If anybody is interested please e-mail me.

My Favorite Sites
Here are some of Torah Internet sites around the web: (You may find some of these useful):

Please go to my list of Torah organizations around the net.

Thank you for coming in and learning something.

Please send e-mail to Chaim if you have any questions or comments.

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This page was last updated on - December 8, 1997.
started on March 31, 1997- Chaim.

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